Stephen Linsteadt

Stephen Linsteadt Speaking

"World Peace will happen when all our hearts beat in harmony with the heartbeat of Earth."

"Connecting to Heart Consciousness and the Power of Love" — a presentation by Stephen Linsteadt on how our heart is in sync with the vibration of spacetime and how sacred geometry and the archetype of number come together to form a heart-matrix that allows us to tap into the source of synchronicity. From the heart-matirx we can connect to our heart's innate knowing and ask for guidance.

Stephen Linsteadt Speaking
Stephen Linsteadt Speaking
Stephen Linsteadt Speaking

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"Connecting to the Vibration of Heart Consciousness"

Stephen Linsteadt, NHD, CNC is a doctor of naturopathy, teacher, and author of Scalar Heart Connection, Quantum Healing Codes, and The Heart of the Hero. He will explore the heart's connection to the vibration of non-local Intelligence and describe how sacred geometry and synchronicity can be keys to communicating with the wisdom of our own heart through a matrix of sound and the archetypes of numbers. He will present how we can be guided by our heart to shift conditioned beliefs into positive resonances that align us with what is joyful and life-enhancing. Stephen selects volunteers from the audience to demonstrate how the method of Scalar Heart Connection ( works.

People are amazed when their heart gives them the advice they intuitively know is right.

"Stephen's presentation takes deeply profound material and presents it in a clean, calm, and simple way. This is the mark of mastery. His calm, peaceful presence was deeply nourishing."
~ Debra B. Auburn, CA
"I thought Stephen's presentation was moving, informative, and most certainly novel. Stephen was warm, engaging, and clearly knows his shit! I think the mini sessions were the highlight for me without a doubt. I did find my rational/logical/skeptical mind creeping in at times, attempting to pick apart certain aspects of his formula, but I think that part of me was quieted by the actual experience. Almost as though I could feel the truth in his work in a concrete way that overpowered the part of me that wanted to evaluate. I drove home feeling quite inspired and hopeful about the prospect of getting deeper into this stuff soon, and realizing I could work it into my therapeutic approach."
~ Mark Laisure, Co-Host, The Life Changes Show, Los Angeles

Past Events:

  • The Center for Spiritual Living, Tacoma - Scalar Heart Connectin training.
  • The 19th Annual Energy Healing Conference presented by Healing Beyond Borders - Presenter on "Connecting to Heart-Consciousness and the Power of Love."
  • 5-D Event and New Humanity Movement - Keynote speaker on "Connecting to Heart-Consciousness.
  • Synchronicity: Matter & Psyche Symposium - Speaker and presenter with Rupert Sheldrake, Graham Hancock, Richard Tarnas, Stephen Aizenstat, Tim Tucker, Gary Bobroff, and others.
  • IONS Community Group - Scalar Heart Connection and participant demos.
  • Joseph Campbell RoundTables at the Goddess Temple of Orange County - "Connecting to the Heartbeat of the Universe."
  • Mastery Circle of Los Angeles - Scalar Heart Connection and participant demos.
  • Seattle Unity Church - A free talk about connecting with the innate wisdom of the heart, and audience demonstration of the Scalar Heart Connection process.
  • Eastwest Bookstores in Seattle and Mountain View - Heart-consciousness, audience demos and book signing.
  • Community of Infinite Spirit, San Jose - Scalar Heart Connection and participant demos.
  • Mystic Journey Bookstore, Venice Beach, Ca - Heart-consciousness, audience demos and book signing.
  • The Ark Bookstore, Santa Fe - Heart-consciousness, audience demos and book signing.
  • Santa Fe Soul Health and Healing Center - Two days of listsening to our hearts. Scalar Heart Connection workshops.
  • Glenwood Hot Springs, CO - Workshops: Transforming into greater resonance with joy, inner connection, and harmony.

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